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SmartTown is a movement dedicated to applying large-scale smart city technology to smaller mixed-use community developments.

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A Competitive Edge

A partnership between P3 Advisors and Layer 10, we look at the role and application of technology differently. Our design-first, people-centered, product-agnostic approach ensures we avoid the typical one-size-fits-all approach. For us, the role of technology is simple – to help people live smarter lives.

Designed with Purpose

Nothing is designed into our developments without a well-defined purpose. Facilitated discussions around a “day in the life” of each stakeholder group allow us to think first about how the space is going to be used, without getting bogged down with considerations of specific technologies.

Technology Driven

Once an experience is mapped, we then consider the role of technology in creating or enhancing these experiences. With the technology design defined, we engage the marketplace, identifying products and partners to help us deliver it. This product-agnostic approach allows us to deliver a best-in-class solution independent of any individual vendor’s vision.

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The SmartTown Way

Developments like Miller’s Landing in Castle Rock, Colorado, consider the role of technology across multiple dimensions – including mobility, transportation, sustainability, public health, safety, and community. In the end, it is the experience of the people who live, work and play in our communities that determines our success.

Miller’s Landing, The First SmartTown

Miller’s Landing in Castle Rock, CO, is the first commercial multi-use development in the nation to be a SmartTown, following the SmartTown philosophy and methodology of applying large-scale smart city technology to smaller mixed-use community developments. Miller’s Landing is creating a dynamic new town center with exciting restaurant and retail, high-tech businesses, a resort hotel and conference and meeting facilities.

SmartTown will provide Miller’s Landing with robust, high-technology smart cities capabilities that will improve the quality of life for businesses, workers and visitors. Miller’s Landing is building a dynamic new town center that creates a direct path to exciting personal, professional and recreational opportunities every day.

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Creating a Smarter World

A smart city collects data from interconnected devices and sensors to improve services. The data helps administrators gain valuable knowledge to guide their efforts to optimize operations, better manage resources and improve the lives of residents.

Scaling Smart Cities

Smart cities rely on data collected from devices connected to the “Internet of Things.” Simply put, the Internet of Things consists of all of the devices that are connected to the Internet in some way. These can range from smart phones, computer networks and remote sensors placed in a community to monitor traffic patterns and energy and water usage to more mundane devices such as smart refrigerators, wearable devices and headphones.

When gathered and analyzed, this data provides administrators with valuable insights into how best to manage their communities and highlights areas for improvement.

SmartTown leverages smart city technology on a smaller scale to greatly improve digital inter-connectivity and quality of life for town workers and residents.

Smart city vs. SmartTown

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